Maple Syrup,  Nature’s Natural Sweetener 

Have you tried using maple syrup as a sugar substitute? Many of our customers have been telling us they do just that!

We did a little research and found a great resource to reference when substituting maple syrup in your own baking and cooking recipes!



Spring has sprung & our sugaring days are done!

This year’s sugaring season started off a little shakey, delayed about one month due to our crazy and elongated winter here in Connecticut.

But once the sap started to flow the first week in March,  it was a non-stop process which came to a halt on the 5th of April. All of our hard work paid off and we were rewarded with 180 gallons of finished syrup breaking last year’s record of 165 gallons!

We invite you to stop by and try a sampling of this year’s yield!    Open today until 6:00PM