“Boiling Today”

Stop by today to see how we process the sap into delicious maple syrup.  Step inside the sugarhouse and be overwhelmed by the sweetness in the air! Be sure to taste the first batch of the season



Getting into the Flow

The sap is flowing, the sap is flowing! Yesterday was the 1st day of the season & we processed  400 gallons last evening.

Today’s  warmer temps and sunny skies brought forth a a deluge of sap tallying about 1000 gallons by 3:30 in the afternoon.  Evening temps are falling into the 20’s giving  us another opportunity to collect again before the lines freeze up.

A  600 gallon stainless steel tank is connected to a tubing & vacuum system to hold sap before it is boiled.


What’s on Tap?

While most of us stayed inside and waited out the storm, Russ spent his weekend tapping over 500 trees.  

This week’s weather forecast put a smile on his face and spring in his step! Daytime temps in the low 40’s and evening temps dropping below freezing is ideal.  The trees should start their annual sap run!  We will keep you updated!