Maple Syrup, It’s More Than Just a Breakfast Food

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You know  Maple Syrup is delicious on pancakes, waffles or French toast but have you tried  using it as an ingredient in your everyday cooking & baking?


Season Coming To An End & What is Buddy Sap?

 Dark & robust syrup has arrived!  Batch #8 was produced before the last unseasonably warm -up.   It’s dark in color and boasts a robust maple flavor that is typically made at the end of the season. At 12 gallons, it was a small batch  and will sell out quickly.   

Warm temperatures last month have signaled the trees to begin the budding process. After this weekend’s cold blast,  we will sample & evaluate the usability of the sap. 

Every maple season we hear that sap collection is finished for the year when dormant buds on maple trees begin to swell and break dormancy. The primary reason we stop collecting sap is due to the change in the chemical makeup of sap, which will cause off-flavours to develop in syrup that is processed using buddy sap.

As buds begin to swell, metabolic activities initiate things like leaf expansion, stem elongation and the emergence of flowers that will soon be ready for pollination. It involves consumption of sugar energy that is stored in the tree as starch, production of growth hormones involved in cell division and cell expansion, and production of other chemical by-products of growth. Basically, the new springtime ingredients flowing in sap are no longer suitable for maple syrup production.