Sugaring Season in Full Swing

The sap is running and we’ll be boiling! The Sugaring season is in full swing as we start the beginning of our fourth week of Syrup production.  We currently have about 90 gallons of bottled syrup for sale, ranging from sweet & mild to dark & with a rich maple flavor. 

Stop by Sat. 10-5 Sun. Noon-5 Free Tastings 


🍁 Just Too Cold For Sap 🍁

Seasonably frigid temps have returned and stopped our production.  Ideal temps the last two weeks of January started an early season producing the first three Batches of syrup, about 30 gallons available for sale. Batches #1 & #2 are sweet with a mild maple flavor. Batch #3 is medium amber in color with a very pronounced maple flavor, something we don’t usually see until the end of the six week season. The Sugarhouse will be open most weekends in February & March for free tastings & sales. 

For more information call ( 860)349-6806.